Ideal Solutions

We customize most systems:
If you have a bottle-neck or a limitation we can make most systems faster or remove limitations. Ask for a free review today.
Connect your current systems:
Streamline your process and eliminate redundant tasks by connecting your systems together.

Microsoft Office Customization, Custom Software and Mobile Software

Make Excel, Word or Outlook work for you.
Office Automation
Can't find the right software? We can make it for you.
Custom Software
Update your custom tools to run on your mobile device.
Mobile Software

Why Automate

Stop repeating the same tasks.

If you are repeating the same tasks then software automation is the right solution for you. The next time you repeat a task, just think much faster you would be if you never had to do it again. Then give us a call.
Not sure if software automation is right for you?

Reason why you should consider automation:
  • Because your competition already has automated
  • It cheaper than wasting time
  • There's no cost for a process review
  • We do all the work for you
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Microsoft Office

Sometimes even the best tools can be improved. .
If you rely on Microsoft Office for specific tasks that are unique to your company or you repeat the same tasks we can help. In many cases adding custom automation to Excel, Word or Outlook is low cost, effective and has a quikc return on investment.


Custom Software

When you can't find the tools to complete the job, let us make one for you.
Software design is more than just creating a produce, it's about understanding your goals and finding the best fit. In many cases a process evaluation will uncover problems that can be solved with training or purchasing an existing product. When standard tools don't complete the job and we have to create and custom application you can be sure that our review has exhausted all options. Our first priority is making a solition that is open and flexible. We understand that companies change and in the future you may want to have an internal resource handle the application. Our experience has found that custom software is only successful when the solution easily transferable from our group to yours.


Mobile Software

Take your work with you and improve sales and customer response time.
In today's world, leaving the office doesn't mean you have to leave your work behind. The mobile phones we use every day can provide information at the touch of a button and sometimes that can be the difference between making the sale, finding that new customer or resolving an issue. Whether you have service personnel in the field that need constant updates or a sales group that needs to check an order status; a mobile software application can turn any location into your office. The next time you're out of the office, take note of the different items you would like to have access to. Then give us a call and we can review the best method to get you connected.