Data Services

We'll create the application for you.

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Have our data services group create the screen scrape for you. It's a low cost solution and we provide the source code and data along with documentation. You can run it anytime for no additional cost.

Let us run the data scrape for you.
If you just want the data, we can provide it as needed in any format so you can focus on using the data.

What is Screen Scraper?

Product Integration

Complete applications

We can create a complete product suite by:

  • Collecting data
  • Analysis and formating
  • Publish and distribute
  • Market and promote



Web Data Extraction

Automate data collection from any website.
Collection markting data, product information, integrate with multiple site and much more.

  • Product Details
  • Multiple-site integration
  • Real-time data
  • RSS Feeds
  • Website Data Extraction
  • Web content mining
  • Page scraping
  • Data Analysis